Choosing the architect

Find out about the architect in the media, in magazines, on the Internet, have an open eye, get informed! Check the licence of the selected designer in the List of Members and enter into a written contract!

If you find some architects whose work has piqued your interest, search for them online, visit their website, check their designer license, and find their contact information in the Chamber’s List of Members, and then make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting. Architects do not usually charge a fee for such a preliminary meeting, but it is definitely worth clarifying this issue in advance.

In the personal meeting, you should inform the architect on what kind of project you need, what your plans and ideas are. Find out about the architect's previous similar works and references, browse their photos, and if possible, check these buildings out on site. The designer will answer your questions and can also make many suggestions that will inspire your thoughts. With his/her complex approach and wide-ranging expertise, the architect can also draw your attention to important aspects that have not yet emerged but are essential elements in the success of a construction project.

If you feel you can work together with the selected architect, he/she meets your expectations, clarify the terms and conditions, the deadlines of the assignment, and then conclude a written contract in all cases!

For the written contract to be concluded between the architect and his/her client, the Chamber of Hungarian Architects has developed samples that can be used to avoid possible future legal disputes.