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I would like to work abroad, but I must prove that I am entitled to do this activity in Hungary. What is required for this?

For a foreign official certificate, you must prove your qualification and chamber membership (if you are member of one but not a member of the Chamber of Budapest Architects).

The certificate shall include the following:

  • qualification, which meets/does not meet the requirements of Directive 2005/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council;
  • chamber membership (if you have one);
  • designer license in Hungary (if you have one)

The form can be downloaded here.

The procedural time is 30 calendar days. We can only issue the official certificate in Hungarian.

How can a foreign citizen work in Hungary? What do I need to know about the Cross-Border Service?

If a foreign citizen living abroad wants to work in Hungary, he/she can use the cross-border service if the country that issued his/her citizenship is a member of the European Union.

A certification with an authentic Hungarian translation and a certificate from a Member State proving the existing license of practicing the profession and its validity must be submitted as an annex to the form.

The permit entitles you to perform one design work and is valid for one year. If the registered work exceeds the given period, a re-notification is required every year.

The registration fee is HUF 41,500.

The form can be downloaded here.

I got my degree abroad, how can I make it accredited this in Hungary?

The competence of the BÉK includes the accreditation of certifications issued in a member state of the European Union, which may authorize the performance of activities in the field of land-use planning, land-use consultancy, urban planning, urban regulation consultancy, architectural and technical planning, construction technical consultancy, construction technical supervision, building site management, and energy auditing. The Oktatási Hivatal (Office of Education) has the competence to accredit a certification issued in a third country.

The procedure can be initiated by submitting the form and its annexes.

The fee for the procedure is HUF 60,000, the procedure time is max. 60 calendar days.